CINEMA VEHICLE SERVICES - North Hollywood, California, USA

12580 Saticoy Street, Suite A
North Hollywood, California 91605


Cinema Vehicles with locations in Los Angeles & Atlanta, supplies Period and Contemporary Picture Cars Rentals. Police Cars, Fire, Ambulance, Emergency, and Production Vehicle Rental. Graphics, Paint and Body, Upholstery & Custom Fabrication.

Services include: Graphics, Paint and Body, Upholstery & Custom Fabrication. A Large Inventory of Period to Contemporary Picture Cars & Vehicles. Complete Fire and Emergency Vehicles and Equipment.

Production Vehicles: Golf Carts, Flatbed Golf Carts, Gators, Trailers, Flatbed Tow Trucks, 3 and 6-7 Car Carriers, 3-Axle Tractors.

Additional Location:
Tel: 770-681-0863:
612 Bohannon Road
Fairburn, GA 30213


Product / Service: Picture Car Rentals, Vehicle Rentals, Airport Support Vehicles, Ambulance & Fire, Animal Control, Armored Trucks, Beverage Trucks, Boats, Buses, Catering Trucks, Classic Vehicles, Commercial Trucks, Construction Vehicles, Convertibles, Coroner Vehicles, Crashed Cars, Beater Cars, Detective Cars, Doubles & Triples, Electric - Hybrid Vehicles, Farm Tractors, Fire & Emergency Vehicles, Foreign Vehicles, Forklifts, Golf Carts, Helicopter, High Performance, Ice Cream Truck, Lifeguard, Limousines & Towncars, Lowriders, Luxury Vehicles, Maintenance Vehicles, Military, Motorcycles, Motorhomes, Muscle Cars, Police Vehicles, Postal Vehicles, Mail Trucks, Parking Meter Props, Prison Vehicles, Process Trailers, Process Bucks, Mockups, Production Vehicles Trailers, Semi Tractors and Trailers, Snowplow, Taxis, Taxi Cab- Foreign, Telephone Vehicles, Tow Trucks, Trash Trucks, Trolleys, Tugs
Region: Los Angeles - West Coast
Business Hours: Mon-Fri: 7-6 Sat: 8-4
Fax: (818) 780-1340


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