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South Carolina , ...

Estelle Colored Glass based in South Carolina is a Luxury Brand of Vintage Inspired Hand-Blown Colored Glassware, Cake Stands, and Stemware in a mix of Jewel Tones and Pastels. ...... more

Lolly Lolly Ceramics based in Columbus, OH, offers Cool, Modern and Functional Ceramics, Dinnerware, and Mugs Designed and Handmade by Ceramicist Lalese Stamps. The Ceramics Studio Tours are currently on-hold due to the Pandemic. Order ...... more

3051 Rosslyn Street Los Angeles, California 90065

Bauer Pottery Company of Los Angeles manufactures Bauer 2000 pottery styled after Bauer Vintage American pottery. Dinnerware, Beverage ware, Garden...... more

Los Angeles Los Angeles, California

Euka Ceramics based in Los Angeles, Creates Practical Ceramics that are Unique and Aesthetically Pleasing.... more


Phoebe Collings-James' Mud Belly Ceramics online shop specializes in organic ceramics.... more


Silver plated and Sterling Flatware. Shows and Mail Order. or call 760-451 9256 Research, Sales & Service... more

(336) 697 3000

1089 Knox Road, P.O. Box 26029, Dept. P7 Greensboro, North Carolina 27420

World's Largest Inventory of Old and New China, Crystal, Silver and Collectibles. Works with all major studios. Everybody Loves Raymond. Divin...... more

(626) 683 8000

75 West Colorado Boulevard Pasadena, California 91105

China, Glassware, House wares and Small Furnishings. Sales & Limited Rentals... more

(310) 551 1100

438 North Beverly Drive Beverly Hills, California 90210

China, Glassware, House wares and Small Furnishings. Sales & Limited Rentals... more

(213) 687-9500

310 South Los Angeles Street Los Angeles, California 90013

New and Used Restaurant Equipment. All Small Restaurant and Catering Supplies, Dishware and Glassware. Restaurant Kitchen Appliances, Dishware and ...... more

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Ceramics - Glassware - Flatware

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