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2495 Midway Road Decatur, Georgia 30030

Atlanta Craft Services Specializes in Craft Service, Crafty, and Catering for Feature films, TV, Commercials, Promos, Music Videos, and Live Events. Full-Service, Craft Service and Catering Company taking bookings for Productions in and around Atlanta, Georgia.... more

10201 W Pico Boulevard, Bldg 57, 2nd Floor Los Angeles, California 90064

Fox Studios Food Service provides on-lot catering and dining options for a variety of productions and events. Their culinary team offers various cuisine options to fit every dietary restriction.... more

(505) 804-8000

3400 Constitution Ave NE, Suite D Albuquerque, New Mexico 87110

Gourmet To Go, Inc., in Albuquerque, NM is locally owned and operated. It's a Covid-Compliant, Family-Style Catering Company offering Fresh Homemade Food, and a Variety of Menu Options and Services. This unique catering company specializes in individual dietary needs &sb...... more

1000 Universal Studios Plaza (Bldg 22A) Orlando, Florida 32819

The Universal Studios Florida Production Group (USFPG) provides State-of-the-Art Soundstages, Backlot locations, Support Facilities, and Production Support to all productions shooting on the Universal Orlando Resort properties.... more

Health and Nutrition Consultant, Craft Services Coordinator, Crafty, Production Catering.... more

(818) 769-1883

Dine With 9 Catering in Los Angeles offers Healthy Cuisine for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, 2nd Meals and Craft Service for Film & TV productions.... more

(818) 720-9393

Jon Torgerson, owner & chef at Blackwood Catering Company, Los Angeles, is a motion picture catering service provider. Walking & full service meals for production companies based in the Los Angeles area. Blackwood Catering staff...... more

Pearls of Lashelle in Brunswick, Georgia; Personal Chef; Catering; Chef; Food Stylist; Residential Dining; Traveling Chef, Restaurant Chef and Banquet Chef.... more

736 South Glenwood Place Burbank, California 91506

Mobile Location Catering for Events, Film and TV, Cast and Crew. Providing Quality Food Service since 1984.... more


National Directory for Food Stylists and Food Styling Resources.... more

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Catering - Craft Services - Crafty

Catering, Craft Services and Crafty are all services providing breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks to the film and video production crew members working on set.