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7990 San Fernando Road Sun Valley, CA 91352

Alpha Medical Resources in Los Angeles is a supplier of Medical Props and Medical Set Dressing Rentals for Motion Picture & Television production. Medical, Hospital, Laboratory, School, Classroom, Office Furnishings and Cleared Art.... more

(818) 771-0818

1018 Stewart Street Madison, WI 53713

Dapper Cadaver supplies Death Related Props, Scientific Equipment & Halloween Decor. Their inventory includes: Fake Body Parts, Bodies, Animal Props, Taxidermy, Skeletons & Skulls, Fetuses, Torture Instruments, Autopsy Props, Specimen Jars, Caskets and Coffins. Rentals...... more

(323) 931-1534

5700 Venice Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90019

The Hand Prop Room in Los Angeles is a Full-Service Prop House with over 1,000, 000 Props in their Warehouse. Services include Hand Prop Rentals, Prop Gun Rentals, Gun Armory and Prop Fabrication. ... more

100 Universal City Plaza (Bldg 8166-1) Universal City, CA 91608

NBCUniversal Property Department, Los Angeles: Prop House, Prop Rentals & Set Dressing Rentals for Antique & Period Furnishings and Accessories. Contemporary Furniture & Hand Props, Household Items, Artwork, Carpet, Drapery and Window Treatments, Upholstery and Li...... more

(404) 900-7800

2160 Hills Avenue NW, Bldg C Atlanta, GA 30318

GA Prop Source is a full service prop house in Atlanta. A 50,000 sq ft warehouse of Lighting, Rugs, Carpets, Drapery and Sofas.... more

(818) 957-2178.

5134 Valley Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90032

Morgue Prop Rentals, Los Angeles offers Autopsy, Mortuary, Morgue and Forensic Equipment. Period and Contemporary Equipment: Autopsy Tables, Microscopes and Related Appliances, Body Bags, Gurneys, Embalming Tables and Embalming Machines....... more

(323) 268-1783

1705 North Indiana Street Los Angeles, CA 90063

Casket Factory: Wood Caskets, Metal Caskets, Jewish Caskets, Cremation Caskets, Urns and Keepsake Boxes. Sales & Rentals... more

12553 Venice Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90066

Caskets and Funeral Supplies, Urns, Hearses. Sales & Rentals... more

(516) 459-0106

2184 Pond Road, A3 Ronkonkoma, NY 11779

Prop Rentals NY offers Theme Decor Rentals for Special Events, Trade Shows and Corporate Events. Prop Rentals include Theme Decor & Furniture, Hand Prop Rentals: Briefcases, Watches, Jewelry, Replica Guns and other Non-Gun Weapons.... more

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