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8411 Canoga Avenue Canoga Park, California 91304

Central City Studio1, in the Los Angeles area has Standing Sets, Police & Detective Set with large Bull Pen, 2 Interrogation Rooms, Suspect Line up Room, 3 Cell Jail Set and Offices. Hospital Set with OR, ER, 2 Exam Rooms, Patient Room, Hallways and Office.... more

21414 Chase St, Unit 1 Canoga Park, California 91304

OPFOR Solutions (Opposing Forces) in Canoga Park, creates culturally realistic Props for Military Training, Film, and Television productions. They supply Cultural Apparel and Goods from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Uganda, and more.... more

7441 Canoga Avenue Canoga Park, California 91303

Concrete Pottery, Italian Pottery, Chinese Pottery, Mexican Pottery, Custom Pottery. Indoor and Outdoor Fountains. California's Largest Stocki...... more

(818) 727 0009

9040 Independence Avenue Canoga Park, California 91304

Metal Sculpting, Casting and Finishing. Gold and Silversmithing. They Can Work in Any Scale.... more

(818) 595-1099

7659 Alabama Avenue Canoga Park, California 91304

Stages for Film & Video: Green Screen Cyc, 2-Story House Set, Production Offices, Green Rooms, Hair & Makeup Room. Wifi Access, A/C, Full K...... more

(818) 346 7335

7831 Alabama Avenue, #21 Canoga Park, California 91304

Reel Creations products include: Fake Blood, Temporary Tattoos, (Stock and Custom), Waterproof Body Art Makeup, Cover-up Makeup, Airbrush Makeup, M...... more

(818) 888-9501

21400 Keswick Street Canoga Park, California 91303

Complete Party Rental Services.... more

21318 Hart Street Canoga Park, California 91303

Snow Business, Los Angeles specializes in Snow and Winter Effects: Snow, Fake Snow, Frost, Ice, Avalanches, Icebergs, Icicles, Igloos, Snowballs an...... more

(818) 885-0844

8431 Canoga Avenue, Suite A Canoga Park, California 91305

Floor Coverings to the Trade Only. One-Stop Flooring Design Resource. Unique Hardwood, Luxurious Carpet, Laminate, Tile and Stone.... more

(818) 992-8811

7231 Remmet Avenue Canoga Park, California 91303

Sets and Props for Film and Commercial Production; Foreground Miniatures, Miniature Buildings, Space Shuttle Simulator, Displays, Film Effects, Spe...... more

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