BROTHERS DYE HOUSE - Los Angeles, California, USA

5715 Alba Street
Los Angeles, California 90058


Brothers Dye House in Los Angeles offers an array of services from dyeing textile in sample size increments to garment dyeing, washes and production. They dye Buttons, fabrics, trims, fringe, crochets, laces, clunny laces, elastics, twill tapes, bra straps, elastics, hooks & eyes, rings & slides all dye to match the standard of your choice.

Their services include sample dyeing a variety of fabrics including cotton, nylon, linen and silk. They use the finest quality commercial dyes available. Reactive dyes are used for cotton, rayon, linen, bamboo and rayon. Acid dyes are used for silk, nylon and wool. Disperse dyes are used for dyeing polyester. Colors can be selected from their standard colors, a color swatch can be sent  to match or they can reference the Pantone color guide system.

Brothers Dye House specializes in dyeing components for Discrete apparel and foundation designers. They dye fabrics, laces, elastics, hooks & eyes, rings & slides and bows all to match a single color.


Region: Los Angeles - West Coast