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Peter Geyer Action Props, Los Angeles: Custom Props and Breakaways Manufacatured from: Silicones, Rubbers, Balsa, Plastics, Aluminum and Steel. Including: Rubber and Plastic Guns, Knifes and Blood Knifes, Action Retractables. Special Eff...... more

(212) 874-7700

202 West 88th Street New York City, New York 10024

Acme Special Effects in New York: Special Effects Supervisor, Pyrotechnics, Breakaways, Prop Design & Fabrication. ATF Federal Explosives Permit, NYFD Pyrotechnic Class A an...... more

8070 San Fernando Road Sun Valley, California 91352

Alfonso's Breakaway Glass, Los Angeles area, has built the world’s largest and most respected breakaway glass and ceramic manufacturing business.... more

(818) 387-6450

7751 Densmore Avenue Van Nuys, California 91406

New Rule FX in the Los Angeles area, specializes in Props and Breakaways, Bottles, Dishes, Glasses, Specialty Glass and Ceramic Items. Breakaway Fu...... more

9545 Wentworth Street Sunland, California 91040

ISS - INDEPENDENT STUDIO SERVICES, a Prop Rental House, offering Expendables, Breakaways, Prop Gun Rentals, Graphics, Prop Fabrication and Armory. ... more

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Breakaways & Prop Replicas

Breakaway props and replica props are designed to break during a scene, such as dishware, ceramics, picture frames, baseball bats, glass bottles, car windows, vases, or pieces of furniture. Rubber Props, Replica Weapons and Action Props are fabricated to look realistic, but are designed for safety.