1031 West Manchester Boulevard, Suite G
Los Angeles, California 90301


Bob Gail Special Events offers Themed Props & Decor Rentals for Los Angeles, Orange County and Las Vegas. Prop Rentals, Oversized Props, Large Scale Decor, Themed Events, Illuminated Furniture, Lounge Furniture, and Lighting.

Bob Gail's 50,000 square feet warehouse is filled with event equipment and party rentals. In addition, to Theme Decor and Oversized Props; their inventory also includes Chiavari Chairs, Custom Bars, Lounge Furniture, Heaters and Propane Fire Pits, Illuminated Bars, Casino and Las Vegas Set Dressing, Animal Replicas, Carousel Horses, Christmas and Holiday Decor. New items are constantly added and fabricated.

Other services include: In-house event planning, production and design, providing music & entertainment, specialty rentals, lighting, theme props, decor, and coordination. They acquired a substantial amount of props from Theme Warehouse.

Family owned and operated since 1978


Fax: (310) 839-4558
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 9-6
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