BIG ROUND WHEEL AMUSEMENTS - Blacksburg, South Carolina, USA

449 N Shelby St.
Blacksburg, South Carolina 29702


Big Round Wheel Amusements, in South Carolina, provides full size mobile Amusement Ride Rentals: Ferris Wheel Rental, Amusement Ride Rental, Carousel, Carnival Rides, Carnival Games, and Attractions. A spectacular 47-foot Ferris Wheel that seats up to 36 people can be fully illuminated and looks great at night.

BRW offers a variety of items available for rental to the film industry. The rides can be partially disassembled with components removed, elevated, and reassembled on location or on stage. BRW maintains a collection of Amusement related decor and props available for rental.


Product / Service: Ferris wheel, Amusement ride rentals, Carousel, abandoned Amusement Park, custom fabrication, custom branding
Region: Atlanta - Southeast
Business Hours: Mon-Sun: 8-9


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