Big Reuse - New York City, New York, USA

1 12th St.
New York City, New York 11215


We will reduce the environmental burden of construction waste NYC's construction and demolition industry throws away nearly 7,000,000 tons of building materials annually! These materials clog our landfills, release carbon into the atmosphere, and create an artificial need for more materials to be manufactured.

By salvaging usable items from demolition and remodel projects and reintroducing them to the market, we take a small step toward eliminating these significant environmental costs. Our goal is to demonstrate another option for materials diversion and hopefully inspire the city to require recycling and reuse for construction and demolition waste.

We will be socially responsible, Substituting salvage for demolition allows us to generate green, living wage jobs and job training. Big Reuse provides 26 hard-working individuals with a friendly and intellectually stimulating work environment, a living wage, and health benefits.

We provide a training work site for over 30 trainees each year for 3 months to a year depending on the program. Net revenue from our Reuse Centers support local, environmental initiatives. Giving old items a second look helps to reduce our city's dependence on raw material consumption.

At each step, our emphasis is on contributing responsibly to our community. We will offer quality home and community improvement goods Our reuse centers have everything from panel doors to high-end refrigerators, window shutters to reclaimed lumber, kitchen cabinet sets to salvaged flooring.

We serve everyone from contractors and interior design professionals to renters looking to creatively maximize their apartment space. Reuse treasures abound in our aisles.

Shop for beauty. Shop for quality. Shop for the environment!


Region: New York - Northeast
Special Attributes: ArtCube Member