BERG COMPANY - Spokane, Washington, USA

6811 E. Mission Avenue
Spokane, Washington 99212


Berge Company in Spokane fabricates industrial fabric products for Government and commercial use. General Purpose Tents, Fast Dome Shelters, Disaster Relief Tents and Bio/Chem Protective Covers.

Spill containment berms, flexible tanks and bladder products: Onion Tanks; Pillow Tanks; and Portable and Permanent Containment Berms. Tents, Tarps, Canopies, Bags, Equipment Covers and Safety Curtains. Berg offers AutoCAD Design, Computer Controlled Fabric Cutting, Wedge Welding, Hot Air Welding, Radio Frequency Welding and Industrial Sewing Services. Since 1883.


Region: Los Angeles
Business Hours: Mon - Fri 8-5
Phone 2: (800) 228-8277
Fax: (509) 624-9780