Ark Wranglers in Atlanta are Animal Trainers, Wranglers, and Coordinators. They provide professionally trained domestic animals and specialized animal services. Their experienced staff can assist with any animal requirement from pre-production through permits.

Ark Wranglers is fully insured and licensed:: USDA Licensed, GA DNR Film Licensed, GA DNR Wild Animal Licensed, and a GA DNR Wildlife Licensed. Ark Wranglers is an expansion of Sam’s Path Petting Zoo, a widely known and respected Animal Educational Facility that has provided a wide variety of animals for special events and productions since 2004.


Product / Service: Ark Wranglers At A Glance:, , , Camels, Monkeys, Lemurs, Porcupines, Parrots, Cranes, Zebras, Deer, Racoons, Skunks, Reptiles, Sheep, Chickens, Goats, Geese, Ducks, Donkeys, Horses
Region: Atlanta - Southeast
Facebook: https://facebook.com/arkwranglers