AMERICAN FENCER'S SUPPLY - Lower Lake, California, USA

8842 Bass Court
Lower Lake, California 95457


Competitive and Recreational Fencers Equipment and Fencing Weapons Modified for Theatrical Use. Matthew Porter, owner and operator of American Fencers Supply, has been the Armorer for the U.S. Fencing team for over 18 years.

The Clayton wildfire in Lake County, California destroyed 180 homes in the town of Lower Lake, including the home of Matthew and Karen Porter, owners of American Fencers Supply. The workshop and warehouse was also destroyed. They have suspended operations, but, are in the process of rebuilding. Please call (707) 461-4226 for updated information.


Product / Service: Epees, Foils, Rapiers, Hilts, Blades, Mats, Clothing, Period Swords, Swords, Broadswords, Daggers, Court Swords, The Kolombatovitch Series, Blades, Rapiers, HanWei Practical Weapons, Uniforms, Masks, Bags, Gloves, Parts
Region: Los Angeles - West Coast
Business Hours: Closed until further notice due to the fire


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