ALAMY - Brooklyn, New York, USA

20 Jay Street, Suite 848
Brooklyn, New York 11201


Over 90 million Stock Photos, Illustrations and Videos: News, Entertainment and Historical images. Reasonable Pricing and Hassle free; No Subscriptions or Credits. Note from the Alamy website: Founded in the UK by James West, along with his uncle Mike Fischer. At that time there were a handful of large agencies which dominated the stock photo industry. Digital photography was still in its infancy. Since 1999 Not the average stock photography company; Alamy donates a significant proportion of their operating profits to charity. Since 2007, they have donated over $5.5 million to good causes, including DNA and cancer research through SBL and educational research through the Fischer Family Trust. They support a number of charitable projects working to improve health education and self-sufficiency in poor communities. And, the company actively supports programs to help reduce Alamy's carbon footprint.


Region: New York - Northeast
Business Hours: Mon-Fri: 3am-6pm (EST)
Special Attributes: Eco Friendly
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