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The historic Michelson Cinematic Research Library was brought under ADG guardianship in 2013, a general content inventory (for decontamination, re-boxing, and appraisal purposes) was conducted in 2014. The contents of the Library are currently housed at a Bonded Storage facility. At this time, none of the Library’s materials are available to view.

The Michelson Research Library is in serious peril and we need everyone’s help in order to save and re-open this center for visual research. The need for a Globally Dynamic Cinematic Research Library is Now! The Michelson Research Library is the answer. This new non-profit initiative will provide a center for the fostering of creative ideas and visual solutions for the realization of motion picture, television and new media productions.
You can help save this Hollywood Treasure by giving a financial donation in any amount, large or small. Donations are accepted through The Film Collaborative (TFC). You'll receive a Tax Receipt for your Donation.
Click the Website 2 link to make a donation.
MICHELSON LIBRARY INVENTORY: Box count is 1,594, stored on 45 pallets
- BOOKS: 5,000 apx. (out of print, earliest editions date back to the early 1800’s)
- PERIODICALS: 5,000 apx. (all historic and rare dating to the early 20th century)
- PHOTOGRAPHS: 30,000 apx. (architectural research & motion picture set stills)
- MEMORABILIA: 5,000 apx. (production notebooks, graphics, sketches, set drafting & ephemera)
- VISUAL CLIPPINGS FILE FOLDERS: 3,000 apx. (all indexed by subject)>

Los Angeles, CA 91201

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