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North Hollywood, CA

Faux Library Studio Props, North Hollywood: rentals for Faux Books, Fake Books, Hollowed & Styrofoam-Filled Books. Full Libraries, Large collection of Contemporary and Traditional Desk Set Dressing. Medical Books, Legal Books and Novels. Cleared Posters, Cleared Art, Cleared Photos and Cleared Books.

Real Leather books, Shelving and Decorative Accessories. Upscale Office, Book Store. Furnishings, Sofas, Chairs, Coffee Tables, End Tables, Book Shelves, Table Top Smalls, Lighting and Artwork. Hollowed styrofoam filled books Cardboard book boxes; Book panels; Real books; Coffee table books; Cleared books; Cleared photography/artwork High end desk dressing Furniture Complete bookstores Tchotchkies Book, furniture, and prop

11501 Hart Street
North Hollywood, CA 91605
Mon-Fri: 8-5
• Fax: (818) 765-0097


Faux Library At A Glance:

Prop Rentals
Furniture Rentals. Fake Books
Medical Books
Law Books
Business Books
Instructional Books
Science Books
History Books
Music Books
Religion Books
Children's Nature Books
Animal Books
Psychology Books
Criminology Books
Politics & Government Books

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