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Discounted Buttons, Trims and Fringe. Shipping: 2-3 days; No Special Orders. Buttons: Frog Buttons, Metal Buttons, R-Stone Buttons, Cords, Banji. Elastics: Pico Edge, Fold Over Elastic, Embroidered. Sequence Patch, Croushe Patch, Faux Leather and Suede, Suede Cords, Suede Leather Appliques, Suede Trims. Feathers, Marabou. Fringe: Beaded Fringe, Suede Fringe, Hardware. Buckles: Metal Buckle, O Ring, Necklaces. Lace: Cluny, Daisies, Poly Lace, Shoe Lace, Stretch Lace, Venice Lace, Eyelet Laces, Velvet Tape, Hook Eye Tape, Satin Ribbon, Jaquard Tapes, Velvet Ribbons, Trims, Fur, Jute, Sequence Trims, Contact Mark Maliczak for appointment: (562) 694 3818 Ext. 201

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