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Boston, MA

Backstage Hardware and Theatre Supply in Boston is Closing in 2021.
aSpecialized in a variety of products not found in ordinary hardware stores. Scenic Paint: Rosco, Artist 19s Choice, Ronan, Modern Masters , as well as Mixol and Proline Tints. Flame Proofing Products, Tieline, Fog Fluid, Charcoal, Pounce Wheels, Aqua-Resin, and Sandbags (empty or full). Tapes, Fabrics - Muslin, Duvetyn, Cheesecloth, Leatherman, Setwear and Youngstown Gloves.

Paint Supplies 13 China Bristle Brushes, Layin Brushes, Regular Paint Brushes, Denatured Alcohol, Turpentine, Mica Powder, Vinyl, Latex Gloves and Aprons.

Marine and Fishing Supplies: Marine Grease, Stainless Steel and Galvanized Hardware, Marine Lubricants and Marcal Crayons.

Shop Supplies: Glues, Hand Tools, Dremel Tools, Welding supplies, Wagon Brakes, Fasteners and Ladders.

Rigging Supplies: Pipe Clamps, Dee Rings and Plates, Ferrules, Aircraft Cable, Thimbles, Rated and Unrated shackles, Turnbuckles, Chain and Black Rope.

Scenic Paint: Rosco, Artist's Choice, Ronan, Modern Masters , as well as Mixol and Proline tints.Scenic Supplies Flame proofing products, tieline, fog fluid, charcoal, pounce wheels, Aqua-Resin, and sandbags (empty or full).

Tapes Gaff tape, dance floor tape, spike, glow, artist board tape, double-stick tape, packing tape, foam tape, duct tape, painters tape, gel tape, duve tape, Joe's Sticky Stuff, snot tape. Many colors available.Fabrics - Muslin, duvetyn, cheesecloth always in stock, call about other fabrics. Paper Bogus, Kraft in various sizes.

Lighting Rosco Gels, Heat Shield, Custom Gobos, Stock Gobos, black wrap (cinefoil), e-strings, dmx cable & terminators, 2fers, 3fers, dmx testers, black extension cords, lighting wrenches.

Paint Supplies artists brushes (made in the USA), china bristle brushes, layin brushes, regular paint brushes, buckets, rags, strainers, denatured alcohol, turpentine, vinyl & latex gloves, aprons.

Shop Supplies green glue, Elmer's glue (white & wood), contact cement, hand tools, nails, drywall screws (3/4" drywall screws sold by the pound), aprons, dremel tools, welding supplies, fasteners, dust masks, safety goggles, respirators, knee pads, cleaning supplies, canvas baskets on casters w/ or w/out lid, various sizes, ladders, respirators, spray adhesive, prevals, sprayers.

Rigging - Pipe clamps, dee rings & plates, ferrules, aircraft cable (black, stainless, coated), thimbles, rated and unrated shackles, turnbuckles, chain, black rope. loose pin hinges, tight pin hinges.

(617) 330-1422
21 Drydock Avenue
Boston, MA 02210
Mon-Fri: 7:30-5 Sat: 9-12 Noon
• Phone 2: (800) 698-8995

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