4th Floor Studios - New York City, New York, USA

349 Suydam Street, Suite 4L
New York City, New York 11237


Creative Space for Creative People 4th Floor Studios is a 4,000+ square foot loft , featuring a 2,000 square foot dedicated shared art studio space, a 2,000 square foot flex photo/video/event studio, and a 120 square foot recording studio.

The core of 4th Floor Studios is our membership structure, which gives members 24/7 access to the shared art studio space, with a growing number of focused stations, including screen printing, sewing, jewelry-making, paper and photo printing, vinyl cutting, 3D printing, photography and more.

We're growing a little every day. Membership is $200/month for the first 50 members, or to the end of 2019 - whichever comes first. On the other side is our exhibition/gallery/pop-up space, consisting of a white box blank canvas, which is available to rent hourly to members (at a discount) and non-members.

Rates range from $30/hour for a small photo shoot on a weekday, to $150/hour for a full 70-person event on a Saturday night. All rates are somewhat negotiable, with leeway given for art-based events.


Region: New York - Northeast
Special Attributes: ArtCube Member