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7305 Ethel Avenue
North Hollywood, CA 91605
Mon-Fri: 6-3:30
• Fax: (818) 759-6933

Studio Supply & Recycling in North Hollywood is a family-owned company and lumber specialist for the Entertainment Industry. They carry building materials that are FSC and SFI Certified and Lacey Act Compliant.
In Stock Materials

1x10 #2 White Pine
1x12 Ro Sawn Cedar
1x4 #2 White Pine
1x8 #2 White Pine
2x4 Dough Fir
3/8x12 Pine
Acx Plywood
Bcx Studio Plywood
Bender Bd 4x8
Bender Bd 8x4
Birch Plywood
Corr Metal Recycled
Corregated Metal
Corregated Plastic
Lauan Ply Primed
Maple Plywood
Marlite Blue
Marlite Brush Alum
Marlite Brush Gold
Marlite Gold
Marlite Lt Grey
Marlite Red
Marlite White
MDF Bead Board 2"
MDF Bead Board 3"
MDF Board
Oak Plywood
Particle Board
Peeler Log
Peeler Log Siding
Peeler Log W/ Bark
Red Brick Laminate
Ro Sawn Plywood
T1-11 Siding
Telephone Poles
Tile Board 1x1
Tile Board 2x2
Tile Board 3x6
Tile Board 3x6 Stag
Tile Board 4x4
Tile Board 4x6
Tile Board 6x6
Tile Board 8x8

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