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Black lights, Phosphorescent Materials, Fluorescent Materials, Fluorescent Fabrics, Fluorescent Paints, Dyes and Ribbon. Dyeing. A Complete line of Fluorescent Pigments, Dyes, Paints, Tracers, Pens, Crayons, Chalks and Coatings. Over 50 Fluorescent Colors to Choose From and they will Custom Make Colors. Phosphorescent and Super Phosphorescent which is a Self-Emitting Light Technology that Allows After Glow Time to Exceed 12 hours!. A Full Range of Industrial Grade Black Lights. Portable Battery Operated Black Lights to the 400 watt BLACKFLOOD which can Project Ultraviolet Light up to 40 feet.

304 North Townsend Street, Suite A
Santa Ana, CA 92703
Mon-Fri: 8-3
• Toll Free: (800) 543 4485
• Fax: (714) 550 9938


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