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Burbank, CA

Jack Rubin & Sons Inc. specializes in Stage Rigging Equipment, Safety Equipment. Wire Rope, Chain and Safety Harnesses, Cable, and Rigging Hardware.
They manufacture Slings, Lifting Devices, and Cargo Handling Gear.

Jack Rubin & Sons manufactures and stocks a complete line of theatrical products including Cable, Rigging Hardware, Rope of all kinds, Blocks, Fall Protection and Expendables. They have general offices in Compton, CA, manufacturing and warehousing facilities in Compton and Burbank, CA, as well as subsidiary companies in Arizona, Nevada, Utah and Idaho. Serving Motion Picture, Television, Concert and Stage Industries since 1945

520 South Varney Street
Burbank, CA 91502
Mon-Fri: 7-5
• Toll Free: (800) 995 9555
• Fax: (818) 562-5101


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