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Old World Finishes, Unique Paints and Glazes; Lime Wash, Roman Clay, Sandstone, Tuscan Wash, Florentine Glaze, Royal Satin, Ultra Flat Acrylic and Low Sheen Acrylic. One of their Newest Products: Wrought Iron which Contains Actual Iron Filings; gives any Paintable Surface the Look and Feel of Authentic Wrought Iron. For a Rustic and Aged Finish, apply Portola's Rust Solution to the Wrought Iron base, the Surface Becomes Instantly Rusted and Corroded. Coppersmith Contains Actual Copper Filings to Ensure a Beautiful True Copper Finish. The Green Patina Affect of Aged Copper, can be Created by Applying Portola's Patina Solution to the Coppersmith Base.

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