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Mann Bros, Los Angeles: specializes in Scenic Paints, supplies and equipment. Set Painting and Furniture Finishing Supplies for Artists, Faux Finishers, Sign Painters, Gilders and Specialty Painters.
Metallic Bronzing Powders, Multi-Color Coatings and High Performance Industrial Coatings.
Specialty Painting Tools, Graining Tools and Supplies. Chapin Sprayers, Binks and Devilbiss Spray Equipment: Hose, Pots, Guns and Parts. Flocking Guns.

ADHESIVES: 3M Brand Spray Adhesives, Le Pages Glue, Animal Skin and Rabbit Skin Glues, Contact Cement, Wood and White Glue, Krazy Glue, Gold Size, Wheat Paste and Wallpaper Adhesives.
TAPES: 3M Brand Painting, Drafting, Carpet, Foam, Double-Face, Black Photo, Mounting and Sealing Tapes. Also, Gaffer's and Camera Tapes, Duct Tape, Gold, Silver and Brushed Silver Mylar Tape. Catalog Available.

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